Our Missions

Our association accompanies and encourages the development of meditation in Lisbon through a step-by-step guided meditation program.

We are a community of practitioners and teachers trained to teach this meditation program.

The association Meditação Lisboa offers free introductory sessions, allowing access to quality teaching.

Discover meditation

We are committed to bringing meditation to the general public by providing a dedicated place for in-depth meditation practice. We also organize intensive courses during weekends or weeks to deepen the practice of meditation.

discover meditation

Teacher training

We organize training programs in our meditation center to teach our meditation method to people who wish to transmit this method of meditation. Seminars and workshops are also organized on a regular basis to help develop the quality of meditation teaching.

meditation guide and lecture
social gathering

How fund is being utilized

The fund is being used for service for students such as food, snack, goods for meditation and rent cost for place and utility cost, living expense for meditation teachers.

Charity Activity

Free Medical Treatment

We have sub-organization which gives free medical treatment for people who can’t afford to paid treatment. This organization consists of doctors who have meditated this meditation and after meditation, they realized how important and meaningful it is to help others with talent they got. They have volunteered free medical treatment regularly.

Free Meditation Lecture and Consultation in our meditation center

We have offered a Free Meditation Lecture and Consultation for people who are having mental difficulty with living their life. Nowadays, Many people appeal their mental problem which is Anxiety, Melancholy, Insomnia, Anger, Hate etc.. The bad mental health can cause not only personal problem of one person who has it, but also it can make serious problem in whole society such as efficiency of labor, crime, widespread distrust. So, our organization has thought that the most important thing for human is living with high consciousness and getting out of those negative minds and living happily. That’s why we have helped so many people who want meditation for their mental health and consultation about their mental health as a charity.

Free Online Group Guided Meditation

We have offered free online group guided meditation session to help people to get over their mental difficulties especially in duration of Corona Virus. We operated 1 times a week. People who have taken part in were very satisfied with those session and they felt that their stress and nerve were gone.

Clothes Distribution

We are participating in cloth distribution for people in need of help. We announced to our students and we donate our cloths by some institution like CAMBA