Um Centro de Meditação em Lisboa

A Meditation Center, Why?

For many years, Lots of people around the world have started to recognize that how meditation is important for their daily life. There are many reasons for people to begin meditating. Some want to evolve their focus to get better results in their studies, at work or in their daily life. Others meditate to get rid of stress, anxiety, loneliness. Whatever the case, meditation helps many of people establish a strong mental health, find self-confidence and become the best version of themselves.

Those achievements are life-changing. It is key therefore to make sure we will get there. This is where reality hits you. It is practicable in theory to meditate at home alone or with Youtube. But daily life, actually, is different. When we come back home from school or work what is the first thought that come up? ‘I want to lay down on my bed’, ‘What should I cook for dinner?’ or « After all the thing I have done today, I deserve to watch TV or Netflix and chill now ». If you have a family, it’s even more hard to get the space and much needed focus to meditate. Lets’ face it, it’s not easy to get the conditions to meditate well once, let alone doing it regularly to get long lasting results. The meditation center becomes your safe haven and dramatically improves your chances of getting the results you deserve. On top of the time and space to practice meditation without distractions it is also important to realize that meditation is a path and is not static. This means there will up-and-down moments and that we should use effective techniques adapted to our level and condition. This is where professional meditation teachers can help you keep moving forward and not give up as soon as things are not going as expected.

Why our Meditation Center in Lisbon

There is a list of benefits and advantages of practicing meditation in our meditation center in Lisbon. Let’s check it out together!

Professional Meditation Teachers

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meditation teacher

We have professional teachers that have been meditating for more than a decade and have been teaching for many years. As we all know meditation is not about learning things but a helping hand from someone that has been going through the path before, Support from Meditation teachers who realize how to handle with every situations is very precious. When you will be letting go of your attachments, the meditation teachers can guide you in the right direction and help you to get the results you are looking for. The meditation teachers will not only guide your meditation but also provide constant support in terms of personal counseling, too. You can get as many consultations with them to discuss your problem and get solutions on how to meditate properly.

Your safe haven in Lisbon

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meditation seat in meditation room

Having your own meditation center in Lisbon means you will have a quiet and comfortable place and No-distraction zone to meditate from 9:30 am to 10:30 pm from Monday to Sunday. Your meditation room and meditation seat are like a safe haven for you to find inner peace and let go of all the accumulated distracting thoughts. You will have the luxury of having only one task: concentrate on your meditation. In the short term, this means you will get to a state of relaxation but in the mid-term it goes much deeper: you will be able to let go of all the distracting thoughts, negative minds and you will become the best version of yourself.

Well-Made Meditation Classes

Being able to get systematic guided meditation classes is certainly one of the key reasons why having your own meditation center is such a good idea. We wrote a whole article about all the meditation classes you can get at Meditação Lisboa

From Meditation To Relaxation

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Coffee, Fruits, Tea, Snacks in your Meditation Center in Brussels

During break time, you can get different kinds of teas, coffee, fruits and snacks. Everything is free for you to have a relaxing time on top of practicing meditation. It is perfect, Right?

Meditation center Lisbon will be your decent social network place!

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Social Gathering

The meditation center is not only a place to find yourself but it also allows you to meet conscious and like minded people. It is a very refreshing new social experience. At Meditação Lisboa (our meditation center in Lisbon) you will meet people from different backgrounds and careers that all have in common to have the desire to become a better person through meditation. Our meditators have often pointed out how helpful it has been for them to meditate with other people and share their experiences. This is why we run group meditation sessions and have a small party every month! It gives us bigger and stronger energy!

Body Meditation Exercises

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

« a healthy mind in a healthy body »

Our meditation center also offers body meditation exercise sessions. Our « releasing exercise » is a dynamic stretching routine that releases energy blockages in the entire body from head to toe, making the body healthier. The body meditation exercises help us not only to keep our body healthy but also to focus more deeply on meditation.

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Meditação Lisboa is your answer to Modern Life

In modern life, a strong mental health and high conscious level are being recognized as the keys for well-being. A Lot of people have realized that getting more does not lead them to become happier. The time of materialism is going to an end as we human do not want to be slaves and live exclusively to get more useless things anymore. We want to be free and find clarity to simply make the right decisions according to the each situations. High consciousness is the key for true happiness and completion.

Meditation can get us there through letting go of harmful attachments and will lead us to a complete and happy life because meditation is the way to high consciousness. When we let go of all the stress, negative minds and thoughts, there would be no worries, anxiety or hatred. Getting rid of all the causes which sicken our mind and body and scatter our focus will help us see what has true value in our life.

Meditation is popular and trendy

Meditation is more and more popular and trendy. Lots of famous people like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Lynch, Steve Jobs have been talking about the important role of meditation in their successful careers. Many companies like Google, Nike, Apple, Samsung, LG provide their employees with different kinds of meditation classes. This is just the cherry on the cake: you already have proof that meditation works and is a key asset. Now it is up to you to synthesize it in your daily life.

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Get a Free Meditation Introduction

Meditação Lisboa with its perfect environment, professional support, an effective meditation methods, rest area with coffee and snacks and social component will be a perfect place for you to become happy and complete.
Don’t miss the chance to get free meditation introduction class in our meditation center. Who knows it may be your life-changing moment?

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