Meditação Lisboa

Why We Meditate

Now! just close your eyes, take some deep breath. relax and reach every
word and focus on the moment. Look into the moment that you are reading the this article. The place where you are, the time when you are. and take 1 minute for it.

How was it? It was not easy, right? there must be a variety of thoughts in
your brain. ‘Why do i have to try this?’, ‘What kind of meditation is it?’
‘It’s boring’, ‘What would i do after this time?’ ‘What about going walk
somewhere?’ ‘What would I eat for dinner today?’, ‘What if my boss doesn’t like my work?’, ‘What if something bad happens?, ‘I want to go to abroad for
vacation’…. from small thoughts to big thoughts, Different kinds of minds
come up constantly. Isn’t it surprising? we cannot concentrate on even for 1 minute of a day without distracting thoughts! Then, How many thoughts do we have whole day? and whole month? and whole year? and whole life? and is it really important thoughts? Mostly, No! As it is, we have to pay our precious times for useless thoughts for a whole life!

There is famous quote: ‘Carpe Diem’ which means ‘Seize the day’, ‘Live in
present’. Everyone can agree that living in present is the greatest present for our life. but, as you see in a little times of meditation, It must not be easy. Yes, we have a variety of thoughts in our daily life. and It stops us from
focusing on the moment. and even most of thoughts flow to negative thoughts which makes stress and anxiety, hate, low self-confidence, distrust… so, how can we let go of all the thoughts?

Meditation is the solution! It can help you to see what is the fundamental
reason for us to have all the distracting thoughts and negative mind such as
anxiety, fear, hate, bothersome, melancholy…. and make us realize how useless it is for us to be obsessed with those things. after recognition, we can eliminate those things by meditation.

Let’s suppose our mind is muscle. then meditation is the exercise that
empowers the muscle with meditation. With meditation, you will have strong mental health. and you can focus on the work you are doing now and you can live only in present. in addition, you will look all the things by positive perspective, which help you make good relationships with others, build high self-confidence, empower your ability for work, make your whole life happiness.

Meditation is now getting widespread for everyone.

Meditation is getting popular and trendy more and more. Many celebrities like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Lynch, Steve Jobs have been saying that the crucial role of meditation in their successful careers. Besides, Many Employees in enterprise like Google, Nike, Apple, Samsung, LG are getting meditation classes under the full support of their companies. If this is just the cherry on the cake: you already have proof that meditation works and is a key asset. Now it is up to you to unite it in your daily life.

Lisbon is in the mood for evolving well-being life more and more

If you live in Lisbon, you can recognize that there are many beautiful parks in this city.  When you walk inside the parks, you can see many people doing different kinds of physical exercise, yoga, meditation to find a well-being life in their own way. What’s interesting is that we can see them not only nice parks but also almost everywhere.
We can see people jogging on the street and if there is green areas to put
some fitness equipments, some people do physical exercise in there. It shows
how enthusiastic they are for their physically and mentally healthy life.

In here Lisbon, everyone wants to lead a happy life. Besides, it is not just about money, fame or their social position. They want to have real happiness. That’s why they try to find those things with different kinds of ways.

But, what is the most important thing for our happiness out of different kinds of things? In short, mental health will play the most important role. even if our physical health is very decent, you will be unable to do such a great work if we are negative and anxious about every situation. So, how can we strengthen our mental health?

Our Meditation Center in Lisbon is your answer to Modern Life

Imagine you who are always positive, happy with everything, every situations and always focus on your work and produce results. Also, imagine you who are always calm and leisurely and sociable with all different kinds of people.

What can makes you person like that?

As we said before, The Meditation which makes strong and wholesome mental health will be an answer.

But, If there is systematic help for your meditation in meditation center. It would be more fast and easy and effective for your meditation journey.

We have strong meditation method that can make you let go of your all distracting minds, worries, anxiety, negative mind.

We have professional meditation teachers who meditated more than 5 years in this meditation.

Our meditation center in Lisbon will present you with perfect mental health for your modern life in Lisbon.