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meditation lisbon
Healing by Meditaiton

How was your day? Are you feeling well? Are you happy now?

If you can’t answer on this question right away, you may be stressed. As well known, stress causes all diseases. It has big possibility of ruining your daily life. If you don’t want, you need to let go of your stress regularly. But how? I would strongly insist, that the key to eliminate stress is meditation. By meditating, we discard stress and get out of anxiety and feel relax much more and even our body will get more healthier. It is important to handle stress instantly, before it gets much more worse over time.

Research on the Effects of Meditation

There is an remarkable research about effects of our meditation on breast cancer survivors and their psychological well-being by the Seoul National University Hospital. There are two groups, one is participating in our meditation program, the other is taking part in a self-care education program.

The group MM (yellow line) is the group participating in the meditation program and the group SME (grey line) is the group taking part in a self-care education program.

Meditation retreat lisbon

Here we can see, people practicing our meditation have a higher reduction of their stress levels than people practicing the self-care education program.

Meditation retreat lisbon

This diagram shows a depression parameter. It is clear to see that the group with meditation reduced their depression more than the group with a self-care education.

Meditation retreat lisbon

The diagram above is presenting the test peoples’ score for Satisfaction with life. Here it is visible that there is a lot of improvement for the people practicing meditation, whereas the people practicing a self-care education almost haven’t got any changes at all.

Meditation retreat lisbon

Within this diagram we can see that people practicing our meditation have an increased Posttraumatic growth Index (PtGI) in a better way than people practicing the self-care education program.

So this research is clearly showing that practicing our meditation program has better results for reduced stress and depression, and improved satisfaction of life and PtGI than practicing self-care education.

meditation center lisbon

Meditation Center near you

Actually, Nowadays, Meditation has been very trendy. Many Celebrities have told that meditation is game changer of their life for their success. The biggest obstacle of our life is ironically ourselves, to be exact, our distracting thoughts and various minds. Through meditation, You can get rid of all the obstacle inside you and take back the peace in your mind. Our meditation center has an efficient method to discard all causes of stress which are in our mind. The Center is available everyday, even on weekends, so you can take sessions as much as you want. For example: If you’ve got a stressful week and you really want to get away and have a calm mind. You can visit our meditation center on Saturday or Sunday for a short or even for a long meditation session up to 12 hours – whatever suites you best. Our meditation method and our meditation teacher will guide you to real calm and peace of happiness.

meditation retreat lisbon

Meditation in peaceful countryside in France

We are operating intensive meditation retreats in France with our members and other members throughout Europe.

Our meditation retreat centre is located in Sologne, Loir et Cher region amounst the beautiful forests and lakes which the area is famous for.

It’s a great opportunity to get away from the busy, stressful environments we live in and reconnect with nature and the inner peace which lies within all of us while immersed in these beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Meditation Retreat lisbon
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